We welcome you all to our website. We hope with all our heart that you will be satisfied and by this means you will have the opportunity to experience again the Word of God and grow in wisdom, to have the ability to discern what is right and what is wrong, to distinguish true and false, to see the difference between light and darkness, between truth and deception.
In order not to be tossed at any wind of doctrine, by trickery and deception of men, the Lord our God makes all things beautiful and right, but man sought detours.

The reason for this Website is not to promote any man, but to spread the Pure Word of God ; it is about to inform the world about the will of the Creator and his plan for the whole humanity. It is about to make every man know his creator because, contrary to what scientists say, it is unthinkable that a man could accept such thinking that as an individual, he comes from nothingness that is to say by chance. But as you can see, contexts and does not recur in the same way. It is true that when we observe a building (a house in this case) we can say in reality, it has taken plans that an architect prepared to achieve the finished building of a house. In any case, it is not by chance because everything is perfectly ordained and carefully thought-out.

The same is true with the creative work of man, there’s nothing we can add nor subtract, it is complete and does not need a third arm and a third foot. If man is well structured, that mean there has been someone who thought about this and that person is the CREATOR, He called man into existence. As a father needs to talk to his son, so the Creator needs to talk to its creation.

Throughout history man has always asked about its origin.
The scholars thought and expressed their imaginations, writers wrote what they thought, but it is important to hear the author of creation. We have listened to men and their versions have always contradicted each other, some say man comes from nothingness, others say he comes from monkeys. But where man really comes from ? Every human being on this earth has the right to know the truth, that is a fundamental right. Men spoke of what they thought and it came out several directions of thought.

What man needs is to know the truth. Now it is time that the creator himself speaks, we need to hear him.
On the face of the whole earth, there is no book that was translated and read in several languages as the Bible which is the Book of books.
Of all the books we can find in public or in libraries, it is always about what man wrote and thought, but as regards the Bible, it is not the man who thought, but the Creator who spoke. He used man as a tool to write and it is from the Creator that we kept the expression :
THUS SAITH THE LORD“ and not thus saith man, but
THUS SAITH THE LORD (the Creator) “ .

In the Bible, he expresses his creator attribute as it is written in Chapter 1 of Genesis (i.e. : beginning) Genesis 1: 1.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. “ In the beginning God created, so in the beginning he expressed his attribute of God because in this first verse we read for the first time the word “God“ in Hebrew “Elohim“ means the one who exists by himself (object of worship).
The Creator could not be worshiped unless he had worshipers. Therefore, he created first the heavens, “the heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool“ Isaiah 66: 1, Psalms 11: 4. And in heaven, he created the angels, because in Hebrews 1: 6 “… And let all the angels of God worship him“ And on earth he also created man.
That is how the Creator showed his attribute of God, to be the Creator, because in the Book of Truth, it is shown to us from the beginning the origin of all things. The Bible is the absolute and it contains the truth.

The objective of our website is to direct man to meet his Creator through His Word, indeed God speaks and he also speaks through men that He has chosen, they are instruments in his hand. Throughout history God has always done this but man did not pay always attention. The Bible tells us how God express Himself, it has been told us that God speaks through the prophets.
A prophet is a seer “(Before in Israel, when a man went to enquire of God, thus he spoke, Come, and let us go to the seer : for he that is now called a Prophet was beforetime called a Seer.) “ 1 Samuel 9: 9.

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