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We wish you all welcome to our website. We hope with all my heart that you will be satisfied and that by this means you will have the opportunity to experience God through His Word and to acquire the Divine Wisdom; to have also the ability to discern what is right and what is wrong , to distinguish right from wrong, to see the difference between light and darkness, between truth and deception.
In order not to be tossed about with every wind of doctrine, by the ruse and the sleight of men, the Lord our God made all things beautiful and fair, but man has sought detours.

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  • Missionary trip in India and Nepal From 07th to September the 28th 2017.
  • Every Tuesday, Thrusday and Sunday, we have meeting at the church! address: Metsys 91 street, Schaarbeek, 1030 Brussels
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...I will also give thee for the light to gentiles, that thou mayest be my salvation unto the end of the earth.


The Pillar of Fire above Bro. L. Lifese - Veracruz, Mexico

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My beloved brother in Christ Leonard, God richly bless you !

I take this opportunity through the International Mission of Center to bear this testimony to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am very grateful to the Lord who remains faithful to its promises. Indeed, after reading The protest and the testimony of the calling to the ministry (section of testimonies), I thought to give this testimony to the glory of our God.

Back in Gabon in 2004 after several years in Cote d’Ivoire (Abidjan), I settled in Port-Gentil knowing that in most of the assemblies of the message in this city were preached false doctrines (3rd Adam, thunders, etc. …).

I was certain of one thing : that God Himself takes care of His people. The year 2006, we had a visit from brother Barilier Alexis and brother Leonard Lifese ; it was the 1st time I saw the brother Leonard. Their stay was a great blessing for us hence our desire to invite brother Leonard for some days of meeting in Port-Gentil. God granted and brother Leonard came back in January 2007.

During these meetings, we saw the work of the Lord through a man – Ephésiens 4: 11 – exercising the ministry of an Apostle. After reading « Render therefore to Caesar … and Tell those whose hearts are troubled … » and attended the preaching at these meetings, I saw in our beloved brother : love of neighbor, humility, love and the Word of God in practice …

I bless the Lord for the grace that He grants me to listen the Online Sermons, which is a great blessing for all those who do it. During these moments, the presence of the Lord is so that we feel it at the place where we find ourselves for the listening. May the Lord support His work ! Regarding the discernment of thoughts, I have personally experienced it on 30 August 2007. That day, between 12 and 2 pm I felt very badly to the point that I was breathing hardly. I telephoned brother Leonard in the intention that he could pray for me. After having explained the purpose of my calling, he began to talk with me and at the end, he asked me if he could pray for me through the phone and at the same moment I realized that the Lord just granted all the desire my heart and I answered affirmatively. The healing was spontaneous. This was happening in the presence of my senior to whom I had just given the booklet « Telle those whose hearts are troubled … ».

I just told him this : it is the one who wrote the booklet who just prayed for. His heart was touched by what just happened before him. The Lord always confirms his servants and I believe it. Concerning my son, brother Leonard told me this : « sister Brigitte, the Lord will give you back your son, only believe and persevere ». I give thanks to God because it just came to pass. I remember one day that I told Br. Leonard by telephone that he leads well the songs when he never told me he had lead the songs in his Assembly in Brussels. All that I saw in the person of our beloved brother Leonard, I have found it in his testimony « the call to the Ministry ».

May the glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ who sends us his servants according to  Ephesians 4: 11 for the perfecting of saints that we are !

 Your beloved sister in Christ Brigitte Ndo

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